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Piñatex™ Handbags Made With Love... And Pineapple Leaves

eco friendly eco friendly bags green Piñatex™ pineapple bag summer sustainable tropical bag

We are over the moon to introduce a range of stunning Piñatex™ alternative to leather bags to Loren.

Be one of the first in the world to own a creation made from the sustainable textile, Piñatex™ as founded by multi award winning, Ananas Anam.

Why do we want to spread the Piñatex™ word?

At the core of Loren's boutique, we strive to continue to change and motivate people's attitude towards sustainable and environmentally sound products and materials. After all, that's how we got started over a decade ago.

The material itself feels rich in texture, soft and tactile to the touch. It's natural, sustainable, strong, breathable, light and has been tested against water spotting.

Annabel pineapple leather shopping bag in black

We have teamed up with the wonderfully vegan people at Vegatar and their label, Diosa to showcase some of the first leather bags in the UK.

The A-One Unisex Piñatex bag in black and white. Watch this space for the white/ natural and brown version.

iPad cover suitable for iPad Air & Air 2 or use as an organiser to protect those important documents.

Annabel Pineapple Leather shopping bag in black

The Almira is a beautiful shopping bag available in black and white Piñatex colourways. It's perfect for day and night with a touch of glam. The straps are made from vegan leather too! All bags are by Spanish brand, Diosa.

As Ananas Anam claim, "No pineapples are harmed in the making of Piñatex."

Read more about the remarkable discovery of Piñatex here.

We’re also proud as piña punch to say that we’ll be supporting the Marine Conservation Society from the sales of every bag and accessory sold.

Happy browsing!







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