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Buy Piñatex Bags & How "Pineapple Leather" is Made

With almost 18 M views, the video below demonstrates how strong the sustainable textile revolution is right now.

Right now, it's the beautifully textured, Piñatex pineapple leaf material that's making waves to our attitudes.

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Three fine Piñatex facts:
* The material is made from pineapple leaves, a bi product of the pineapple, meaning there is no waste
* The material is tactile and beautifully, uniquely textured
* Innovative technology and design by the clever people at Piñatex who have tested the material against water spotting 

Black pineapple leather handbag unisex for men women
Tactile and stylish; the Ibiza bag comes in 2 colourways; black and natural white. The design is a blend of retro & nature.

pinatex pineapple leather handbag in white

The Almira shopping/ handbag in black or natural white is your new favourite sustainable shopping companion.

pinatex pineapple leather ipad tablet cover

 And the Pinapad is the perfect iPad or tablet cover

See the full range of Piñatex handbags here.

Now without further ado, see how this remarkable Piñatex material is made via


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