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Our latest eco threads

Have you noticed the new eco threads available at Loren?

Developments with new materials make this an exciting industry and we are more than happy to spread the word on materials which are good for the Earth.

Take a look at these Bamboo t shirts for men and women...

bamboo tshirt women in black back

bamboo tshirt for men in black

They come in a variety of colours and are also great for the planet! 

Bamboo grows with NO fertilizers or chemicals and is a renewable resource.

Amazingly, Bamboo returns 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere than trees, meaning it helps cut the rising levels of carbon dioxide. 

We think these bamboo tshirts look and feel great too. They also help keep you cooler, an average of 3 degrees cooler than cotton.

Making bamboo not just for Panda's!

Shop the collection here. 



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